Indoor Position & Smart Office
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What is Tonly Indoor Positioning System?

Tonly Indoor Positioning System (TIPS) is a comprehensive solution for smart position application which is rely on the Internet of things, Bluetooth technology, cloud and big data and other professional areas of accumulation. TIPS is independently researched & designed and produced by the Tonly product innovative team. The highest positioning accuracy can be up to 30CM. It Provide new and rich services and experience in enterprise operation management, such as location/presence management, meeting room management, attendance control, authentication control and asset control; It also provides access equipment, sensor applications, hardware, “All-in-one Platform.” TIPS is the new IoT infrastructure to realize this vision. By the system, we can visualize the location of employees, things, and the environmental situation of the office space and this can promote our customers’ working-style reformation and personalized experiences . 

Tipycal Application : office, new retail, warehousing、 logistics, parking, hospital, nursing home, fire fighting, airport, AI farm, etc.

Create an ecosystem of perceptual, spoken, visible, personalized experiences

Seven Features of TIPS

The View of Smart office
1.Enterprise :“All-in-one Platform”Solution for smart office 
1)The SAAS cloud platform system architecture, not only supports the enterprise intelligent office information suggestion from scratch, but also supports the enterprise to carry on the expansion innovation outside the original IT system.

2)Simplify and upgrade enterprise basic management (e.g. attendance control, access control, authentication, asset management, location-site management, etc.);

3)Optimize and intelligent business operation management (e.g. lighting management, air conditioning management, environmental monitoring, conference management); 

2.Manager:Realize the visibility of office management
    By deploying EXBeacon Platform in the office, one can visualize the location of employees, things, and the environmental situation of the office space and this can promote our customers’ working-style reformation.

3.Employee:Enhance the human experience of the office work 
1)Fair and open management to enhance achievement of employees;
2)to improve and innovation, easy-to-satisfy.

Smart Office Features
1.Meeting Room Management
We monitor the usage of meeting rooms with human sensors. By linking with the customer booking system, an alarm can be raised if the meeting room is not used correctly (booked but not in used or in use without reservation).

2.Presence Management
We can visualize the current location of employees in a hot desking office, and the presence status in a fixed-seat office using an indoor map.

Hot desking in DoCoMo CS Chiba branch

Fixed-seat office Kyowa Exeo HQ

3.Entry/Exit Management
By collecting employee's BLE tag radio signals, we can record the entry/ exit time of the employees at each gate. Advanced authentication control is also possible by combining facial recognition, biometric and beacon authentications

4.Attendance Management
We can manage employees' attendance based on entry/ exit management data.It is also possible to collaborate with existing attendance management system (working CS data, API).

5.Visitor Access Control
Access control is performed in a similar way as employees, by receiving radio signals from BLE tags attached to visitors cards.V data, API).

6.Indoor Environment Control
We aggregate environmental data such as temp., humidity, pressure, light, sound, gas, etc. obtained from BLE sensor, and control facility equipment based on sensor data. Cost reduction and detailed data gathering are possible compared to conventional approach.

7.Office Point
Individual contributions in the office given points and ranking. Inter-department interactions and degree of intimacy are also measured and made visual.

8.Toilet Occupancy Management
Magnet and optical sensors are installed on the doors of the toilet, for occupancy visualization.

9.Goods / Book Management
By attaching BLE tags to goods, books and keys, their locations can be made known. Alarm can be raised if important items are moved from their locations.