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Social Responsibility Strategy & Management
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Equality:Abide by business morality, honesty and business standard of Tonly Electronics Holding Ltd.

Environmental protection:With high responsibility to our employees, customers and the environment, we has implemented strict control on hazardous materials in the entire production process from raw materials to release to the markets, including production, packaging, transport and sales to prevent accidents that may harm employees' health, consumers’ safety and the natural environment.

Supplier CSR management:Increase the supply chain’s awareness of social responsibility, strengthen the cooperation with suppliers and continuously enhance the social responsibility of the supply chain.

Employee care:Pay close attention to development and health of employees, expand occupational development for employees, create a relaxed working environment and build a family-like company.Establish conduct regulations and appraisal criteria to provide a good corporate culture guide; elevate employees’ performance through effective training; introduce process and incentive schemes to strengthen capabilities of organizations; and fulfill performance targets through effective performance management, thus improving the relationship between the company and employees, giving reward for diligent employees and reaching the balance between corporate profit and employees’ personal value.

Feedback to the society:Adhering to the idea of taking social responsibility and to be a responsible corporate citizen, we have played an active role in charitable activities to promote the development of the region.

    The CSR system is key part of the overall management system of the company. Social responsibility affairs are on the top of our schedule and we will protect interest of our employees and external personnel. By establishing a documented CSR system, we seek to prevent as much as can harms to social responsibility caused by our production activities.We adopt a circle of planning, implementation, examination and assessment to improve the CSR system.