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  Tonly’s product management and development team is staffed by more than 500 employees, of which professionals with bachelor’s degree and above account for over 75%, including some 20 masters and doctors. We have set up R&D teams in Huizhou, Shenzhen and Xi’an to make full use of our technology, professionals and resources and boost the development of new products and businesses.

R&D institutions
  To make full use of our human and capital resources, we organize our R&D teams vertically (including electronic, structural and software teams) and product teams horizontally. Function units are mainly responsible for developing R&D professionals, setting up and promoting our R&D processes and technological regulations, and elevating our technical R&D capabilities. Product teams are responsible for implementation of basic, customized and pre-R&D projects and helping manufacturing units solve technical problems in product projects. In 2012, we set up the technology committee based on the R&D technical expert panel and constructed the AV technology forum to fuel our technical development.

Innovation team construction and introduction of professionals
  We have set up a special fund to employ Japanese acoustics specialists to help us take a great leap in the acoustic product performance. The Video Center has been established to expand the video product business and introduce prestigious experts and technicians. We have recruited a team of software professionals in Xi’an and 15 patent applications were accepted in 2012 including 13 invention patents, which account for 86.7%, showing the contribution of talent introduction to the construction of the innovative team and our R&D capability.

  In 2012, we received 106 patent applications and 10 licenses, including 34 invention patent applications and 1 license; 65 utility model applications and 9 licenses; and 7 outer appearance patent applications. The number of patent applications received in 2012 accounted for 67.5% of the aggregate received by the end of 2012, reflecting a remarkable elevation in our innovation capability. By the end of 2012, we have obtained 40 patent licenses.