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Development History


· The construction of the new plant is generally complete and will be put into use in July.


· Establish Shenzhen Tonly.

· Establish Xi’an Software.

· TCL OEM Sales becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group.

· TCL Tongly Huizhou becomes a controlling shareholder of Ruijie Opto-Electrics, integrating module manufacturing and injection molding technology with the upper-stream production process.

· Pass the technical test for the Ningxia Direct Broadcast Satellite Public Service and start to provide the director broadcast services for users in Ningxia.

· Receive the title of Outstanding Professional Development Enterprise from the CPC Committee of the Huizhou Zhongkai Hi-Tech District.


· Establish Tonly OEM in the U.S. and start the overseas supplier warehouse management business.   

· Launch development of audio products including Hi-fi and Docking.

· Receive the title of Pioneer in Business Transition and Upgrade in Guangdong.

· Lay the foundation for the new plant, which will adopt automatic and IT technologies.


· Start to produce and deliver home theater systems.

· TCL Multimedia changes the TCL Home Network Department into the AV Department.


· Receive the title as a National Trustworthy Manufacturer from the CHC National Hi-Tech Quality Monitoring and Promotion Committee.

· Output over 20,000,000 DVD players yearly and generate a turnover of more than RMB3.2 billion.


· Start to provide blue-ray and portable DVD players.

· Tonly Technology becomes the sole shareholder of TCL Tonly Huizhou and TCL Audio & Video.

· Obtain the ABS-S Production Certificate issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China.


· Win the title of Huizhou Leading Exporter (First Prize) from the municipal government of Huizhou in 2007.

· Win set-top box project bids in Jilin and Inner Mongolia and expand into the set-top box industry.


· TCL Multimedia integrates DVD player and Direct Broadcast Satellite sources and set up the TCL Home Network Department.


· Set up the TCL Audio and Video Department

· Win the title as one of the 2005 Top 100 Exporters from the Huizhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau.

· Pass the Guangdong Hi-Tech Enterprise Certification.


· Deliver the first batch of DVD burners.

· Win the title of 2004 Huizhou Leading Exporter from the municipal government of Huizhou.


· Establish a strategic partnership with a global leader and start to provide DVD products in June.


· Set up TCL Tonly Huizhou.

· TCL OEM Sales becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of TCL Multiple.