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Energy saving
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     Since the establishment of the ISO14001 environment management system in 2005, we have continued to advocate energy saving.Adhere to the belief that everyone is responsible for saving energy, we set a fixed fund for energy saving to fund energy saving projects, organize energy saving training and improve the environment management system.

    Our energy saving project focuses on power, water, paper and food saving.

    We set power saving target and management plan at the beginning of each year.Appraise the target each quarter and review the management solution to ensure that the solution is effective.Collect and check power-saving data on a monthly basis. If any data exceeds the specified level, analyze the reason and make correction.Maintain special devices such as wave crest soldering machines and backflow soldering machines on a weekly basis and perform spot check on a daily basis.Check whether there is any waste or device failure in air-conditioners, meeting rooms and large-power electric appliances and maintain and replace failed devices immediately to improve power efficiency.

    Replace failed lights with energy-saving lighting tubes. Damaged or old facilities should be replaced with energy-saving devices with equal power. Turn off air conditioners and lights after leaving the office and after meetings. Designate employees to check if lights are turned off after employees leave offices.

    Saving water is everyone's responsibility. Every drop counts.

    Water saving focuses on equipment and daily cleaning.The company should check toilet facilities (taps, valves and water pipes) on a daily basis to ensure proper functioning. In case of any failure or broken in valves, taps, pipes or connectors, report the failure and close the general valve to prevent waste.Check the air-conditioning and water tow facilities on a daily basis. In case of any failure, close the water valve immediately and check water consumption of air-conditioners to prevent waste.After an air-conditioner fails, repair it if possible. If not, replace it with a new energy-saving air-conditioner.The daily operations of the canteen,including cleaning of vegetables, rice, bowls, chopsticks, cooking utensil, tables and floor, consume a large amount of water everyday.Adopting floor washers to replace the traditional way of using water to clean the floor, using used water to clean the floor outside the canteen, specifying the cleaning method and use of cleaner, cleaning tableware by dividing the cleaning process can save about 6 tons of water monthly.Saving water in the dormitory should start with training on water and power saving. Posts should be put on walls to promote the water saving awareness among employees.The company and property manager will check facilities (taps, spaying system and pipes) in the bath room and toilets everyday. Failed or damaged facilities should be repaired and maintained immediately and the general valve must be closed to prevent waste.Turn off air-conditioners after work to save water and power. Designate employees to check. In case of any failure in the water facilities, notify maintenance personnel to repair immediately to prevent waste.

    "Save paper" has become a pet phrase for many people. We recommend using two sides of paper in printers and using FM to broadcast paper saving tips. Recycle used paper.Many employees have get into this good habit of using two side of paper and recycling used paper.

    Saving food is a good tradition of Chinese since the ancient time. When the canteen started operating, the problem of food waste is serious. Therefore, the management decided to designate a special team to check food waste at the lunch and dinner time. Moreover, posts and banners are put on walls in the canteen and broadcast program is broadcasted in the manufacturing workshop to raise the awareness of saving food among employees.

    Power-saving posts saying “Save Power” are put on walls in the office area, canteen, dormitory and corridor and near printers. Use the FM program to broadcast water and power saving tips.

    Let’s work together to improve the energy using efficiency, create a power saving atmosphere, improve the working environment and build a pleasant living environment.

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