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Power saving
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    Since the establishment of the ISO14001 environment management system in 2005, we have continued to advocate energy saving.Adhere to the belief that everyone is responsible for saving energy, we set a fixed fund for energy saving to fund energy saving projects, organize energy saving training and improve the environment management system.

    Power saving and control mainly focus on four areas: manufacturing workshop, canteen, dormitory and office area.The manufacturing workshop part focuses on replacing of maintenance, repair, upgrade and lighting facilities. The canteen, dormitory and office area part focuses on air-conditioner maintenance and replacing of lighting facilities.The control scheme includes three steps. The first step is to analyze previous power saving data at the beginning of the year and set the power saving target and management plan for the new year. The second step is to implement and review the target and management plan. The third step is to collect power saving data, analyze the data and promote power saving knowledge.

    Apply the core of the ISO14001 environment management system: PDCA multi-cycle and continuous improvement.Set the power saving target and management plan for each month according to the power consumption data of each region of the previous year, order data and output in busy and low seasons. Check whether there is any waste or device failure in air-conditioners, meeting rooms and large-power electric appliances and maintain and replace failed devices immediately.Check special devices such as wave crest soldering machines, backflow soldering machines and air compressors on a daily basis. Clean and maintain production devices on a weekly basis to improve power efficiency.Collect and check power-saving data on a monthly basis. If any data exceeds the specified level, analyze the reason and make correction.Appraise the target each quarter and review the management solution to ensure that the solution is effective.

    Replace failed lights with energy-saving lighting tubes. Damaged or old facilities should be replaced with energy-saving devices with equal power.Turn off air conditioners and lights after leaving the office and after meetings. Designate employees to check if lights are turned off after employees leave offices.

    Power-saving posts saying “Save Power” are put on walls in the office area, canteen, dormitory and corridor and near printers. Use the FM program to broadcast power saving tips.

    What are you waiting for? Join us now to save power!

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