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Water saving
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     Since the establishment of the ISO14001 environment management system in 2005, we have continued to advocate energy saving.Adhere to the belief that everyone is responsible for saving energy, we set a fixed fund for energy saving to fund energy saving projects, organize energy saving training and improve the environment management system.

    Water saving and control mainly focus on four areas: manufacturing workshop, canteen, dormitory and office area.The control scheme includes three steps. The first step is to analyze previous water saving data at the beginning of the year and set water saving target and management plan for the new year. The second step is to implement and review the target and management plan. The third step is to collect water saving data, analyze the data and promote water saving knowledge.

    The manufacturing workshop is large with many devices and employees.The priority is the implementation of the water saving plan.The implementation of the water saving plan should start from improvement of the devices and daily cleaning.The company should check toilet facilities (taps, valves and water pipes) on a daily basis to ensure proper functioning. In case of any failure or broken in valves, taps, pipes or connectors, report the failure and close the general valve to prevent waste.Check the air-conditioning and water tow facilities on a daily basis. In case of any failure, close the water valve immediately and check water consumption of air-conditioners to prevent waste.After an air-conditioner fails, repair it if possible. If not, replace it with a new energy-saving air-conditioner.Collect water using data. Analyze the reason if the data exceeds the specified level and make correction.Posts promoting water-saving and saying “Save water” or “Turn off after use” are put on walls in the manufacturing workshop and where taps are installed.

    The daily operations of the canteen,including cleaning of the raw materials, bowl, chopsticks, cooking utensil, tables and floor, consume a large amount of water everyday.Improving facilities and recycling water can save a lot of water. Adopting floor washers to replace the traditional way of using water to clean the floor, using used water to clean the floor outside the canteen, specifying the cleaning method and use of cleaner, cleaning tableware by dividing the cleaning process can save about 6 tons of water monthly.Canteen management personnel will organize water-saving training.Water-saving promotion posts are put on walls on each floor of the external wall of the canteen, stair and walls with an interval of about 15m.Collect, analyze and control water using data on a monthly basis.Put posts saying “Saving water” or “Turn off after use” on walls where there is a tap.

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