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  Mr. Yu Guanghui

Executive director;
Mr. Yu Guanghui is graduated from Shanxi Normal University as a physical and optical master. He also receives the MBA degree from Peking University and EMBA degree from CBGSB.
  • Yu Guanghui  is an executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of our Company. He holds directorships in various principal subsidiaries of our Group. Mr. YU joined TCL Technology Group Corporation (“TCL Technology”, together with its subsidiaries, “TCL Technology Group”) (formerly known
    as TCL Corporation) in 1993. He had held the positions of engineer of TCL Huizhou Shouhua Science Park, deputy general manager of TCL King, deputy general manager of TCL Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd., general manager of TCL Overseas Holdings Co., Ltd., senior vice executive president and president of TCL Industries Holdings Co., Ltd. (“TCL Holdings”), general manager of AV Business Unit and president of the Company. Mr. YU has rich management experience in materials procurement, manufacturing, product management, business development and cooperation with world-class companies. Mr. YU graduated from the Shanxi Normal University with a Master’s degree in Physics in 1993, and obtained a MBA degree from Peking University in 2005 and an EMBA degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in 2009.